ATLA – Association of French Dairy Processors

In 1993, the two federations of French dairy manufacturers, FNCL (the National Federation of Dairy Cooperatives) and FNIL (the National Federation of Private Dairy Processors) created ATLA, the French Association of Dairy Processors. Noting the convergence of their basic interests, these federations decided to merge their skills, as well as much of their resources.

ATLA addresses most of the “upstream” issues concerning the industrial transformation and marketing of dairy products.

ATLA represents the French delegation of the European Dairy Association (EDA).



In France, ATLA defends the common interests of FNCL and FNIL members in the following fields:

  • economic
  • technical and regulatory
  • legal, fiscal and employment-related

Abroad, ATLA represents the same companies vis-à-vis European and international authorities and is the French delegation of EDA.


France accounts for around 18% of European milk production with nearly 25 billion litres of cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk. It has 65 000 farms, 300 companies and 650 plants which produce some 1500 quality dairy products, a diverse and innovative range unequalled anywhere else in the world. Of the top 25 dairy groups in the world, five are French.

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France is proud to have 50 Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) dairy products: 45 cheeses, 3 butters and 2 creams. For key figures and more information about the PDO market, please consult (in French only):

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